I walked over to turn on the Telescreen
I wanted to watch some cable Newspeak
To see what the thought police are telling me
I sat and listened to all their double speak

They said the latest war was to protect me
To defend freedom and democracy
It would hardly empty money from the treasury
Shock and awe with very few casualties

They steal my money and they steal my rights
With their endless wars and their endless fights
Big Brother passes laws in the middle of the night
(they pass their laws in the middle of the night)
It turns out George Orwell was right

The Ministry of Truth would not lie to me
They’re passing laws to protect my liberties
But with one order Big Brother can kill me
Without a judge, jury or right to an attorney
By labeling me a threat and an enemy

War is Peace freedom is slavery
They keep me in constant fear of a conspiracy
Of an underground network and shadow army
That live in caves 5000 miles away from me
That hate me for my disappearing and liberties
Is it just a ruse to control me
Is it a thought crime to think that it could be
Are the thought police going to vaporize me

I walked over to turn on the Telescreen
Cable Newspeak said that we’re close to victory
The troops will return soon from overseas
In the mean time we must heighten security
Tax you more till you have no money
Spy on you to capture the enemy
It will go on as far as the eye can see