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John Sippell

John Sippell

Originally from Isles of Palms, South Carolina, John Sippell has toured and recorded with some great bands in Texas and Hawaii over the years as a freelance bassist.

Now a 12 year veteran of the Newport, Providence, and Boston music scenes, John also composes, arranges, and records music at his project studio, Dharma Shark Productions.

John studied music at the University of North Texas, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Marketing from UT San Antonio.

You can find John currently performing throughout southern New England on acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals with his duo, The X Isles, with steel drummer Rick Andre. They have just released their debut CD, "Prisoner in Paradise."

For more information on John Sippell, visit his website,

Vinny Pagano

Vinny Pagano

Vinny is one the premier drummers and session men in Rhode Island and Southeastern New England.

He has worked with Chuck Berry, J. Giles, Boz Scaggs, and Burt Bacharach.

Alex Krepkikh

Alex Krepkikh

Alex was born to two musical professionals in the Soviet Union (Russia), and was schooled in music at Moscow's Conservatory of Music.

Alex plays almost every instrument you can think of, and is also a composer who's made many a Berkley grad blush at his talent and ability to perform and excel at all he does.

He runs his studio - Alex's Wonderland - in Providence, Rhode Island.

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